We believe that pro-active, hands-on management of our investment is critical to value creation, involving:

1. Marketing & Leasing
2. Property Management & Operations
3. Renovation, Development & Re-development

Marketing & Leasing
  • Innovative marketing plan
  • Optimize tenant mix
  • Assess tenant quality
  • Build tenant relations & network
  • Discover additional revenue sources
Property Management & Operations
  • Streamline cost structure
  • Implement CAPEX program
  • Monitor capital structure and financial obligations
  • Incentivize and retain management team
Renovation, Development &
  • Determine asset’s highest & best use
  • Implement innovative designs
  • Monitor budgets & expenses
  • Operating expense reduction
  • Increase in rental revenue

Our approach to management consists of :

1) leverage in-house operating experience and affiliate platforms

2) establishing partnerships with local operators

We believe our focus on operations enable us to create competitive advantage and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors and partners over the long term.