Who We Are

Skymont Capital (“Skymont”) is a unique global investment platform based in Asia. We provide effective solutions to a broad range of real estate situations for our investors and partners.

Our name, Skymont, is derived from the Chinese word “天山” (Tiān Shān), which is the largest mountain range in Central Asia.  Additionally, “天” (Sky) symbolizes the immensity of our aspiration and the goals we set for ourselves, while “山” (Mountain) signifies the solidity of the foundation in which we are built upon.

Our Experience

Skymont is founded by experienced professionals with broad experiences in real estate private equity investment across strategies, geographies, property types and capital structures. The team has accumulated decades of experience as a fiduciary, investing and managing capital for institutional and private investors.

Members of our team came from top academic institutions and had worked at renowned global financial institutions, including investment banks, private equity funds and asset management firms. Each team member contributes an expansive and proprietary global deal sourcing network, fluent in the local languages and customs where we conduct our businesses and possessing multi-cultural perspectives.

At Skymont, we possess a rare combination of institutional rigor and entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to form successful, long-term, and sustainable relationships with our investors and partners.