At Skymont, we understand the impact of our investment and management decisions on our environment and society, and view sustainability as a crucial guiding principle to drive competitive long-term investment performance. This is especially true for the real estate sector, which currently contributes over 30% of the global carbon footprint, as well as a dominant percentage of middle-class household wealth.

Henceforth, being an active private real estate investment manager across a diverse range of sectors, strategies and types (hard assets, operating platforms, corporate entities), we take responsibility and pride in sourcing and forming long-term alliances with the right partners on developing and operating the right assets, ensuring a sustainable value creation process for our investors while keeping in mind of the implications to various stakeholders. Through each of our investments, alongside creating competitive financial returns for our investors, we also endeavor to take into account important ESG initiatives such as natural environment preservation, energy saving, and local community empowerment. Please refer to our Case Studies and Sustainability Guidelines below to learn more.

Japan Resort Residences

Niseko | Skymont invested in a boutique wellness resort residence in Niseko with a focus on preserving the natural beauty of Asia’s top ski resort. Meanwhile, the Project is committed to contributing to a sustainability fund that shall support social and environmental related initiatives in Niseko. Learn More

Greater China Logistics REIT

Hong Kong | Through participation in the IPO of SF REIT, the first logistics-related REIT listed in Hong Kong, Skymont gained exposure to a modern logistics property portfolio operated by SF (and with around 80% of the space tenanted by SF’s affiliates), a leading force of change in promoting a sustainable ecosystem for the China logistics industry. Learn More

U.S.A. Residential Community

Los Angeles | Skymont invested in a residential project in Los Angeles, California. which has incorporated sustainability in the heart of the development process by preserving the natural environment through years of planning, studies, and giveback. Learn More

Vietnam Property Developer 

Ho Chi Minh City | Skymont’s investment in a leading developer in HCMC, Vietnam has supported its growth as a pioneer in incorporating sustainability elements in its landmark projects in HCMC. Learn More

U.K. High Street Retail

London | Skymont worked closely with our tenant to support its local F&B business to sustain over the challenging pandemic period via the provision of flexible rental arrangements. Learn More