U.K. High Street Retail

Skymont worked closely with our tenant to support its local F&B business to sustain the challenging pandemic period via the provision of flexible rental arrangements.

Our Tenant

Set out as a family business of immigrants, Indochine greets the local community with its hearty Vietnamese food catering and delivery services prepared in an eco-conscious way, from sourcing local suppliers to using biodegradable packaging.

Tenant serving food to customers

Our Appreciation and Support

We appreciate the chemistry between our tenant’s grassroot business and the greater community beyond: the dignified small business has brought livelihood and diversity to a historically prominent area which is home to numerous world renowned financial and legal institutions.  As a landlord, we are committed to helping sustain local business such as Indochine, which in ways help connect the local residents and the neighbouring working professionals, setting a bright example of immigrant immersion.  Therefore, when Covid struck the hardest in 2020,  we offered a series of customized rental arrangements to help the tenant with aims to sustain a vibrant relationship between landlord, tenant, and the wider community.