Japan Resort Residences

Skymont invested in a boutique wellness resort residence in Niseko with a focus on preserving the natural beauty of Asia’s top ski resort. Meanwhile, the Project is committed to contributing to a sustainability fund that shall support social and environmental related initiatives in Niseko.

Our Development Partner

Temak Treehouse specializes in developing boutique residences in the heart of Niseko.  Specifically, it is committed to small-scale development projects to support local communities, promote local culture, and preserve natural resources.  The Developer has received technical services from professional consultancy to ensure that the Project adheres to international sustainability standards.  Its development philosophy is anchored on the three pillars of sustainability:

  • Planet – Harmony with nature and environment
  • People – Healthy lifestyles and engaging communities
  • Profits – Creating and preserving value for homeowners

Our operating partner is a globally renowned hotel & resort operator centering its business philosophy on promoting customer wellness and planet sustainability.  Specifically, it is committed to small-scale “regenerative” development projects, which effectively support local communities, promote local culture, and preserve natural resources.  Out of its +20 projects globally, the Operator has won numerous international sustainability and wellness awards.  Regarding Yamakei Residences, the Operator is providing technical services to the development to ensure that the Project adheres to the group’s global standards in terms of sustainability.


Emerged in recent years as the top ranking ski area in Asia, Niseko thrives upon tourism with a +10-fold increase in international tourist numbers over the past decade. The area’s defining powder snow cannot be sustained without the blessings from the natural environment, and calls for a sensible balance between economic development and environmental preservation,  where the Project is of no exception.

Actions and Achievements

  • Natural landscape preservation – Creation of a natural stone gabion wall along the adjacent creek to preserve an overlooking view of the cascading stream, instead of simply paving over the creek at lower construction cost and complexity
Natural Stone Gabion Wall (construction stage)
Lush greenery preserved around the Project
  • Energy efficiency promotion – Adoption of various state-of-the-art HVAC facilities to help increase energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality in all seasons, such as energy-recovery ventilators, radiant panel, underfloor heating, low-E argon gas windows, and natural light illumination design
Low-Energy windows and underfloor heating
 Natural light illumination design (fit-out stage)
  • Low-impact materials adoption and recycling practice
  • Featuring environment-friendly wood floors and doors, and the application of natural materials and recycled wood in the accent walls of all units
  • Adoption of robust concrete for better soundproofing and heat insulation, reducing life-cycle energy consumption
  • Adoption of interior carpets made of recycled polyester materials
  • Strict waste prevention, segregation and recycling processes in place
 Recycled wood adopted in accented walls
  • Local empowerment
  • Skymont’s commitment to support Niseko’s environmental and social initiatives, potentially through dedicated sustainability fund for the Project
  • Local material sourcing and manufacturing of furnitures in Sapporo to leverage on the local manufacturing capacities and traditional craftsmanship, e.g., “Sapporo Nanseki” fireplaces, where nanseki is a quintessential soft stone material that defines and represents Hokkaido’s building tradition
  • Outlook – The Project will be operated in line with the Developer’s sustainable guidelines, and target LEED Silver Certification or equivalent regional energy efficiency certification